Dispatcher: Yale Photography MFA 2021

31 July - 28 August 2021

Mickey Aloisio

Ronghui Chen
Tarah Douglas
Jackie Furtado
Max Gavrich
Nabil Harb
Dylan Hausthor
Alex Nelson
Annie Ling
Rosemary Warren
Casemore Kirkeby is pleased to welcome the 2021 Yale MFA Photography thesis exhibition to San Francisco, with a public opening on Saturday, July 31, 2021 from 12-5pm. Working in mediums ranging from photography, collage, video, installation and text-based practice, the work in the exhibition reframes the definition of photography from a tool from which to create through, to an act of sublime material autonomy, beyond the limitation of the camera.
This unique version of the 2021 Yale MFA Photography exhibition, created for San Francisco, presents an emphasis on place and memory, on the evidence of being, on the markers of time and geographic place, while considering the material trace that exists apart and beyond the photographic document.